7.06 – Blue Yellow

Previously, Hannah gave birth to identical twin girls, Crystal and Ronette.

So the great start to SimNaWriMo was taken over by RL drama and illness. But I’m still aiming for silver, so will be trying to get another few updates posted in the next few days. Have all the pics, just need to write them up.

We begin with Audrey gardening, thanks to
this mod at MTS. It is absolutely brilliant and I love it. I use the gardening, laundry and musical instruments parts, but there are a bunch of actions available. But yes, Audrey gardens because we need help with the garden and her parents are too busy being creative. Plus, she’s a nature-lover, so it totally fits. The kids do gain the skill (as they do with the musical ones) – seems EA coded the skill gain properly, just neglected to include the animations. Thankfully we have wonderful modders in the community to fill in the blanks!

The babies are being adorable with their skilling.

While Crystal learns to walk. I’m having trouble remembering which twin is which. Blue hair = Crystal.

Since he rolled the wish to play catch, Riff Raff is doing so with his daughter. They need to raise their relationship.

Too bad she sucks at catch. Or her dad is unwilling to be gentle. Could go either way.

7-06-04-the-claw1 7-06-04-the-claw2
Finished with walking, Crystal is attacked by the claw.

And then rides the rocket.

LMAO, their faces! So adorable.

Yes Audrey, that’s what we’re doing now.

First some gossip.

Then a hug.

A game of paper, scissors, rock.

And a gift.

And lastly, a pillow fight!

We have finally run out of room on the wall (at least the wall that I can fit into a photo), so I started a shelf for the new greeting cards.

Cosette has now made it through
all the gems in storage. We are missing a bunch of Vampire’s Eye, and a couple others, but the gem collection is mostly complete. Metals are complete.

It’s Seymour’s birthday. Yay for only two toddlers left.

As per the rules, Seymour is given Rebellious. Which really doesn’t fit his personality, but anyway.

He’s Riff Raff’s clone. Looks slightly different due to no freckles, but the sliders are all the same.

Also, interesting side note: Riff Raff (and thus Seymour) have Brillo Pad’s nose…but Velma doesn’t. Somehow my game skipped a generation with genetics.

His new big boy bed… which is very aqua, now that I look at it. But hey, dad likes aqua.

Hannah is really in love. Never mind the children, she rolls endless wishes towards Riff Raff.

Speaking of Riff Raff, it’s his adult birthday! He’s at a party for someone whose name I neglected to write down. Uneventful party (except for the plethora of toddlers).

Audrey loves the water slide, she was on it all evening.

Despite this moodlet. Stupid simmies.

New promotion!

This is L7, slowly making our way up! A reminder, once Hannah tops this career, she will lift the restriction of one room per sim in the house. Future Rourke houses will have many many rooms!

What do the children do when they’re up early before school?
Mr Genius plays chess on the computer.

Audrey chases bandits.

Velma topped handiness! The majority of this came about through her inventing, she has hardly upgraded anything.

Flynn has apparently given up being a Mad Scientist, in favour of a food merchant.

Getting old hasn’t stopped Billy from chasing skirts. Though at least he’s going after sims his own age.

Family bonding: Hannah plays chess with Seymour.

While Riff Raff goes fishing with Audrey.

And then we have Hannah’s adult birthday. They both look the same, and neither had Mid Life Crises, yay!

Also, she’s now making over $6k in royalties each week. Go Hannah!

Oh no, Velma! 😦

7-06-27-velma-dies2 7-06-27-velma-dies3 7-06-27-velma-dies4
She begged, even though she lived a long and fruitful life. 😥

And then Death laughed at Story. Heartless wretch.

Farewell Velma, you provided much entertainment and gave us a bunch of very different children.

While her grandmother was dying, Audrey was ‘graduating’ from scouts.

When she gets home, she requests a story from Grandma Story.

7-06-29-audrey-story2 7-06-29-audrey-story3
In no time, she’s asleep (in her brother’s bed).

And Grandma Story is back to grieving 😦

Seymour keeps her company that night.

Their parents choose to grieve in other ways.

Frank isn’t taking the news well either, fighting with his wife in public. Though that may have had something to do with his latest haircut.

Riff Raff really wanted to carve a pumpkin, so I allowed it.

Normal Jack o Lantern.

7-06-35-ronette-cute1 7-06-35-ronette-cute2
And to end, some Ronette cuteness!


Velma’s death was such a shock, she was so much younger than Story. I think she was right at full lifebar, while Story has been maxed for a while.


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Hannah’s faces are so adorable when she’s with her kids.
    Seymour in Story’s bed to keep her company is kind of heartbreaking.
    What’s funny is I always assume Elders will die decades after maxed lifebar, but then they die on the very day. And when I think that will happen, they last ages.


    • I know, it’s so heartbreaking when sims autonomously do cute stuff like keeping widowed grandparents company.
      The whole Elders-dying thing is so random, it’s hard not to expect that they’ll last for ages. Cosette is still my longest-lived sim (without extended lifebars or death flowers or anything) – she lasted about 30 days over the max.

      Liked by 1 person

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