9.11 – Bot Dance

Previously, our three of our teens found love interests, and Rizzo met a mermaid.

I apologise for the long wait between chapters, I was a bit unenthused by my Rourkes for a while, and started another challenge for Boolprop’s 12th Birthday celebrations, so have been working on that for a few months. But now it’s too hot to actually play, so I’m forced to go through my screenshots folder, finally. You guys get a very long chapter this time, and at the end we have the heir poll for the final generation!

We begin with Freya teaching Sandy to drive.

Meanwhile, Rizzo is scuba diving again; for some reason, her outfit won’t stay pink, but anyway.

And Keni is inventing, as per his Eccentric self.

Friedrich got a promotion.

The male fairies (Friedrich, Eugene & Sonny) are having a house party, and Jan decided to join in.

Envy is still around, cleaning and fixing broken things.

3 honor rolls today.

Fried got another promotion, now up to the branch – we chose Game Artist.

Family dinner!

Except for Rizzo; she’s scuba diving again; I’m determined to get her to max out the skill before she ages up.

Family snowball fight!

Interrupted by birthdays! Sonny first; he rolled Unflirty. Wow, such boring traits.

He’s cute, but a Friedrich clone, albeit with mum’s hair colour and grandma Rose’s eye colour.

Eugene second; he rolled No Sense of Humour. Man, these boys are killing me with the crap traits.

Though he is a fairly good facial mix; Freya’s overall face shape, ears, nose and eye colour, Friedrich’s eye shape and mouth. Throwback blue hair and freckled skin, too, thanks grandma Crystal!

And our final potential heiress, Jan! She rolled Family Oriented.

I love her! Freya’s overall face shape, ears, nose, mouth and eye colour; Friedrich’s eye shape, jaw, cheekbones and hair colour.

With birthdays done, we go back to the snowball fight.

9.11.17 - fight over castle
And then there’s a fight over the fairy castle. You guys have beds inside, go use those!

I decided it was high time Friedrich completed his LTW; and in the time it took him to build the Sentience chip, all the snow melted.

9.11.18 - sentience chip29.11.18 - sentience chip39.11.18 - sentience chip49.11.18 - sentience chip5
LTW complete!

9.11.19 - painting
Then it’s back to helping his boys with their painting.

9.11.20 - Keni singed
Keni is having a tough time with his inventing.

9.11.21 - Danny drive
Freya teaches Danny to drive.

9.11.22 - Jan fishing
Despite having no traits for it, Jan keeps rolling up fishing wishes. So okay then.

9.11.23 - Rizzo sees shark
Argh, Rizzo saw a shark! She peed herself, but didn’t get attacked thank goodness.

9.11.24 - Sandy bass
Sandy continues with her bass skill.

9.11.25 - Fried maxed painting19.11.25 - Fried maxed painting2
Friedrich has now maxed his painting skill!

9.11.26 - Eugene gender pref1
He promptly turned into a bot to celebrate. And asked his son an important question.

9.11.26 - Eugene gender pref2
Good to know.

9.11.27 - Sonny gender pref1
Freya asks the same question of Sonny.

9.11.27 - Sonny gender pref2
He needs a girl, okay then.

9.11.28 - bot drive
The Bot Fairy will never get old; now teaching Eugene to drive!

9.11.29 - Sonny drive
And Freya teaches Sonny in the police cruiser.

9.11.30 - manatee
Rizzo is still alive, she just lives in the water – and I occasionally get fun notifications like this one.

9.11.31 - werewolf transformation
Oops, should have fed Jan earlier; feral transformation incoming.

9.11.32 - Danny chess
Danny continues to swot logic.

9.11.33 - no homes
Oops, no homes for new couples. I had to fix things up in Edit Town – so many families living in tiny houses with tons of cash! I upgraded their houses to free up the cheaper ones for the new couples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Epic family smustle party! Yes, all 7 children can now smustle – Freya was the only one not to join in.

9.11.35 - skinny dip wish
…then Jan rolled this up. No, that is your father.

9.11.36 - prank school1
On a mood swing, Sandy wanted to prank the school.

9.11.36 - prank school29.11.36 - prank school3
And she got away with it, yay!

Naw, Jan wanted to make friends with her dad. So of course I encouraged it.

9.11.37 - befriend dad3
They discovered their shared Family-Oriented traits (Friedrich’s was his graduation trait).

Oh noes, alien abduction!

9.11.39 - Emilie sign wish
Eugene has rolled up this wish; we shall have to track down Emilie for him.

Jan shows off her outerwear while fishing once more.

Lols, Danny set off a fairy prank. The green looks good on him.

Sandy is playing for tips; she has a good crowd!

Including a gorgeous Damien Gordon-Moonwisp.

The household’s net worth has now topped $11 million!

I love the paintings Eugene paints! He may hate art, but he does make pretty stuff.

I love Friedrich’s Wonder Woman painting!

Freya dragged him away for some fun times.

Envy is now addicted to video games.

It’s Snow Day, so we’re having a gift giving party!

But first, a quick trip to the festival for the greeting card.

I had to get one card with Friedrich in his bot fan outfit (even if Jan is blocking him). Ms Insane Rizzo refused to go in her outerwear, and Sonny missed out altogether.

He went skating flying instead. Behind him are Marcie Vinson-Terrey (in white shirt) and Emilie Vinson-Terrey (black shirt).

Jon Moonwisp-Vinson is also at the festival, so I had to snap a pic. I feel he might be cold in that outfit, though…

Fried wanted to snowboard, so have some bot trick spam.

Freya, Jan, Keni and Eugene had a snowball fight.

Rizzo played chess with herself.

While waiting for the party to start back home, Danny made snow angels.

Keni and Sandy made snowmen.

The guests are here! This is Joann Rourke, Marta’s daughter with Luke Terrey.

I took her into Stylist to see her features; she has her dad’s purple hair and eyes!

Tammie Zale and Nigel Moonwisp-Langurd aren’t far behind. Tammie is the daughter of Helen Zale and Denim Chimeree.

She’s adorable! This is Patricia Vinson-Holly, daughter of Sean Vinson and Jerri Holly (who is the daughter of Mew Terrey and Lorelei Zane…not sure why she has Holly as a surname).

Mickey Moonwisp-Vinson is all grown up! He’s the son of Daenerys Moonwisp and Jon Vinson.

Nicholaus Langurd definitely has the family nose.

Girl in purple is Patricia’s sister, Francesca.

Gift Giving spam!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are the gifts the family got; a whole lot of lights, for some reason.

I had each of the teens scan the room, to see who we should go after for a spare spouse. Francesca Vinson-Holly and Beatriz Gordon-Moonwisp are the favourites.

Keni goes for Tammie Zale. However, the party broke up before we could get very far with any of the others.

Envy was barricaded from the party, maxing out her handiness skill.

LOL, Jan transformed into a werewolf, and Rizzo showed off her teeth.

Moar teeth!

Now time for an heir poll!


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Friedrich as a bot fairy kid was cute but expected. As an adult? He really doesn’t want to grow up XD Yet he has a bunch of teenagers.
    Mickey looks so much like Daenerys 😮
    But I like all the kids, how am I supposed to voooote?
    I have to think…who do I want to have kids? XD


  2. All the honor rolls are impressive!

    Jan is so pretty. *_*

    Sandy pulled off a prank, lol! That was hilarious.

    Rizzo and Jan showing off their teeth is so cute. I love that interaction.

    Off to vote!


  3. Newish to your legacy but enjoying the story. I really like the personalities these sims have and you have a great sense of humor! I particularly love the homes you build for your sims and I was hoping you might still have some of them saved somewhere? I would love to download what you have as I find that sim bloggers make the most playable homes out there! I’m up to Gen 5 right now and the toddlers are adorable! Cheers


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