6.01 – Childhood Daze

5.11.61 - elder bday3Previously, there were many birthdays, including Roxie to teen, the triplets to child and Brillo and Seaweed to elder. Everyone did lots of socialising and skilling…and not much else.

Oh wow, it’s been over a month since the last post! I apologise, work has been so hectic that the last thing I want to do is wrestle with this game and save. Yes, it seems everyone’s games are having issues at the same time, unfortunately. Maybe it’s a push to get us all to TS4!

I threw a big party for Velma’s YA birthday, but somehow lost all the pictures in the midst of a couple of crashes. So the first pic I have is YA Velma; she skipped school a few too many times and ended up with a B, so had Savvy Sculptor locked in. Which means I had to choose Descendant of Da Vinci for her LTW; I have so few sculptors I rarely get to play this LTW.

She is a lot more of a mix than I initially thought: Brillo’s chin, jaw, nose and eye colour with Seaweed’s skin, hair, mouth and eye shape. I love her face!

6.01.02 - Brillo grow up wish
Brillo wants her eldest to become a Criminal Mastermind. Sorry, Brillo, Velma isn’t exactly athletic. Besides, you’re not evil!

And since Barnacle Bay is getting super laggy, we are now in Bridgeport! I felt this suited Velma’s darker personality, and this generation’s goals (Business or Ghost Hunter). Velma’s spouse will be in the Business career and, if Velma completes her LTW early enough, she might try out the Ghost Hunting profession.
6.01.03 - Bridgeport
The family home is placed on celeb hill in Bridgeport, out of the city, but with a great view.

6.01.04 - skilling
Everyone gets right to skilling; Seaweed is going to take up painting, since he doesn’t have much to do these days.

6.01.05 - Roxie job
Roxie wished to get a part-time job, I felt the Spa suits her personality the best.

6.01.06 - Velma sculptor
And Velma is going to be a self-employed sculptor. For now.

6.01.07 - Flynn + Billy play tag
The two kids who don’t hate the outdoors (Flynn + Billy) are playing tag.


After getting her job, Velma went straight over to the apartment where I stashed her spouse options.

6.01.09 - Story1
First on the list is Story Moss! She’s from A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, StyxLady’s DIFT legacy. And she’s a witch, because I decided that this generation the spouse is going to be occult.

6.01.09 - Story2 6.01.09 - Story3 6.01.09 - Story4
They get on very well, I only had to initiate a few friendly interactions and they were gossiping and high fiving.

6.01.10 - Eskarina1
The second spouse option is Eskarina Winters, from the Winters ISBI (which is on the last generation, well done, Tam!).

6.01.10 - Eskarina2 6.01.10 - Eskarina3
She is also a witch, and she’s as nuts as Velma.

6.01.10 - Eskarina4
So pretty ❤

6.01.11 - Sabrina RI
I brought some of the simselves with us, but no extended families. So unfortunately we won’t hear anything more about Penny and Maybelle’s offspring.

6.01.11 - Velma bedroom
Cosette’s old bedroom has been turned into Velma’s adult room; Cosette always sleeps in the sarcophagai, anyway, and our new heir needs a room to herself.

6.01.12 - Brillo alchemy
Brillo is working on levelling up so she can make potions; we’ll probably turn some of the kids into occults, especially Supernatural Fan Roxie.

6.01.13 - Velma sculpt
Velma begins her career.

6.01.14 - head sculpture
This is a freaking awesome first sculpture, one I haven’t seen before. Unfortunately we had to sell it – I might try and get her to redo it in wood or stone later.

6.01.15 - Roxie sign wish
Roxie’s first day of school and she already has her eye on someone. From that name I’m not certain if Jett is a boy or girl – I’ll try to remember to have him over so we can find out.

6.01.16 - Cosette planting
Since it’s winter, and her lifebar is full, I had Cosette plant some Very Nice steaks inside, so we can hopefully bring them up to Excellent for the Omni opportunity.

6.01.17 - Brillo cooking
I forgot to remove the leftovers from Brillo’s inventory, so they all went bad. Thus Ms Natural Cook is making some more meals. she likes the teppenyaki grill.

6.01.18 - Story friends wish
The first wish for a spouse option! Too bad it’s only a friendly wish.

6.01.19 - train Charlotte
Charlotte apparently wants to get into shape. Good of her to ask her good friend Seaweed for help.

6.01.20 - Eskarina silly faces
Man, these spouse options have been really hard to find; three of the four have jobs with long hours. Eskarina is the only one without a job, so Velma can find her often. Silly faces seems like a good way to make friends.

6.01.21 - greeting card
Since it’s the triplets’ birthday in a few days, I wanted to get a greeting card with them as children.

6.01.22 - winter card
Looks good! I quite like having everyone in their outerwear (except Ms Loves the Cold Cosette).

6.01.23 - slow dance
After the little interruption, Velma goes right back to wooing Eskarina, with a slow dance.

6.01.24 - need to pee
To the detriment of Eskarina’s bladder. She peed herself then ran off home. Once an idiot, always an idiot, I guess.

6.01.25 - Sean granddaughter
Oops, guess I left the father of Kacey’s baby at home – Shayla is Sean’s granddaughter.

6.01.26 - broken family tree1
Speaking of broken family trees, Seaweed is somehow the offspring of his mother and his wife…

6.01.26 - broken family tree2
…and his daughter is classified as his half-sister.

6.01.27 - two Cosettes

I tried to fix things with MC, but apparently there are two Cosette Rourkes in town (the person selected is Cosette and also the person being hovered over). Yet when I search with MC I only find one… this does not bode well. But we’ll continue for the time being.

6.01.28 - Billy prank
The kids are being kids; Billy is rebellious.

6.01.29 - Flynn reign
Flynn reigns over the chess table.

While Kelly sings karaoke with her father, her BFF. They got so into it, I took way too many pictures; have some karaoke spam!
6.01.30 - karaoke1 6.01.30 - karaoke2 6.01.30 - karaoke3 6.01.30 - karaoke4 6.01.30 - karaoke5

6.01.31 - ghosties
Ah, these guys might be the problem with the family tree; due to a couple of crashes, the family that moved is not the same one whose house the Rourkes are now living in. So the ghosts aren’t related. I’ll have to fix that up.

6.01.32 - hai Jenn
Hai Jenn!

6.01.33 - bye Jenn
…bye Jenn. I guess Brillo took too long to answer the door?

6.01.34 - Sabrina pregnant
Oops baby!

6.01.35 - badass Roxie
LOL, Roxie stole her dad’s motorbike. I freaking love the smirk on her face, too.

6.01.36 - badass Velma
Velma swapped when Roxie got home from school. It’s only the first generation of rebellious kids, but I am enjoying them thus far.

6.01.37 - Alyssa1
6.01.37 - Alyssa2
Our third option for spouse is Alyssa Vinson, from the first Vinson Epic. She’s a pink genie…just coz I didn’t want a blue one. 😛

6.01.38 - Roxie piano
Roxie keeps wishing to skill piano, so I let her.

6.01.39 - Charlotte training1
Charlotte finally agreed to come over so Seaweed could train her.

6.01.39 - Charlotte training2
…obviously, she does need help.

6.01.40 - friendship potion1
The bonus about having Brillo skilling alchemy is friendship potions!

6.01.40 - friendship potion2
The relationship bar with Alyssa was moving very slowly, so I helped it along 😉

6.01.41 - gift for Alyssa
Fulfilling the ubiquitous “give gift” wish after becoming friends.

6.01.42 - Sabrina engaged
Man, Sabrina and Romeo are moving fast. Methinks this might be a shotgun wedding…

6.01.43 - 406.1
The final candidate for Velma’s spouse is 406 Bathory, of the Bathory Villain legacy. She’s so pretty! And (obviously) a fairy.

6.01.43 - 406.3
She’s also kind of scary sometimes.

6.01.43 - 406.2
6.01.43 - 406.4

Woot, matching traits!

6.01.44 - friendship potion
Yeah, I’m lazy, so sue me. You do not realise how difficult it was to find a time when Velma could go visit – it is 3am in this photo, and Velma had to ask Alyssa if she could stay the night, just so she could befriend both girls.

6.01.45 - refuse gift
However, 406 refused to accept the gift. Maybe she doesn’t like Velma’s skimpy outfit?

6.01.46 - mermaid painting
Cool painting, Seaweed! That’s definitely going on the wall somewhere.

6.01.47 - Sabrina broke up
Could have called this one.

6.01.48 - grim reaper snowman
Cosette spends most of her time outside these days, playing in the snow (and not in her outerwear, either). Of all the sims I’ve had, none have shown “Loves the Cold” quite so thoroughly.

6.01.49 - triplet bday1
It’s the triplets’ birthday!

6.01.49 - triplet bday2 6.01.49 - triplet bday3 6.01.49 - triplet bday4
For once, they are in sync!

6.01.50 - Kelly bday
Kelly goes first.

6.01.51 - Kelly Shy
Since they’ve only been in the new town a few days, she only got a B. Though Shy is pretty appropriate for her.

6.01.52 - KellyT
Pretty sure she’s a face clone of Brillo; maybe her face is slightly wider, not sure. But at least she got Flamingo’s hair!

6.01.53 - flying Flynn
Flying Flynn is next.

6.01.54 - elastic Flynn

I missed the shot, but she had Genius locked in. A Genius and a Bookworm; such a nerd!

6.01.55 - FlynnT
But she is absolutely gorgeous. And actually, the more I look at her, the more she looks like Velma. I’ll check when she turns YA, but she definitely has the Rourke eyes and Seaweed’s nose. Plus of course, Chance’s red hair.

6.01.56 - Billy bday
Billy is the last one to sparkle.

6.01.57 - Billy Sailor
He is now a Sailor…that is such a useless trait outside of IP.

6.01.59 - Billy full
Yeah, I went a bit crazy with his outfits; he doesn’t really fit any standard teen stereotype, so I went with an enigma look. And I forgot to get a CAS/headshot of him – you’ll see next chapter.

6.01.60 - Flynn interest 6.01.60 - Kelly interest
The second the girls age up, we got these popups; I haven’t seen the first one before, maybe it’s a LN/celeb thing? Though they’re not officially celebs yet (another reason to move to Bridgeport, I wanted to play with the celebrity system).

6.01.61 - Flynn prank
Just in case you thought the triplets didn’t have the mandatory Rebellious trait, Flynn autonomous set a prank for you. I guess I missed someone setting off the one Billy set in this spot earlier…

6.01.62 - Julia RI
Julie now has an RI also.

6.01.63 - omnificent
OMG, finally! I haven’t ever had omni plants in TS3, hopefully Cosette hangs on until we get some Excellent steaks!


And we’ll end things here. There will be another chapter before the spouse poll, so we can see Velma interacting with them a little more.


About somebodysangel13

I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. Eskarina!!! That is so exciting! They seem to be hitting it off well so I hope they will end up being right for each other. All of her spouse options are gorgeous. Lucky gal!

    Glad to see the move has improved your game some. It’s strange that everyone seems to be having problems with their saves all at the same time. Maybe it IS a conspiracy from EA lol.

    The triplets are all great. I love their wold outfits. It must be the drab of fall but I’ve been gravitating to some crazy colour combinations lately.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She has freckles all over! So cute! I thought it was just in the face.

    And Bridgeport, wow, you don’t fear the subway and the elevators then. 🙂 I really liked how Bridgeport looked but to actually play in it.. only with the relativity mod, or else going to work/out to clubs took 6 hours from point A to B.. Still feeling the elevator hate actually. Did you keep the townies? Some of them look alright but their eyes are too big IMO. A little creepy sometimes. I’m looking forward to some screenshots around town though!

    Epic related question: do you know what the reward for generation 8 a is? There doesn’t seem to be any in the rules I’ve read, which confuses me. I haven’t decided if I should go evil or good with mine yet. Depends on which careers seem more fun.

    That is indeed a cool first sculpture. My sculptor sims got to that one eventually (sometimes), but it took a long time, definitely not the first try. First sculpture seems to be the rodent repellent about 90 % of the time, or a chair. Still waiting to see a sim sculpt the evil freezer bunny.

    Love their (mostly) red house! And the triplets, aw.

    All my sims garden lots and lots, so I usually get the omni plant but then i forget to feed it most of the time. It’s pretty fun to try and figure out what you can feed it, though. Mine are currently fed the robot toy and nori..

    Spouse options! Difficult choice, hmmm… they are all cute and seem fun! I like witches in general though. On the other hand.. fairies are good gardeners, aren’t they. With the omni plants and all that in mind, I mean.


    • Yeah, Velma and Roxie have Seaweed’s skin – it’s Papercat’s freckled one, with freckles all over.
      Agree with you about the Relativity mod, it is definitely necessary! I’m not having many issues with the elevators thus far, actually having a lot of fun in Bridgeport. I only got LN a few months ago, so haven’t really played it as much as other towns.
      Answer to your question: I don’t think there is a reward for 8a. Once you get past gen 5 the rewards get pretty thin on the ground…but I think that’s partly because of the lack of updates for later generations. There could be restrictions on resorts and future travel and stuff like that, just not in the rules. Regarding good v evil, it kind of depends on the heir you have, also, would be hard to have an heir go the evil route if s/he is Good!
      I didn’t think about the gardening thing with the possible fairy spouse; it’s an easy skill to level up, so not really worried about that. I’m still waiting for Velma to choose one, she hasn’t really liked any of them romantically as yet.


  3. Omni plants and expensive books, a brill way to make money.
    What’s fun is when they sculpt a toilet because they will actually use it if it is finished but still on the sculpting table.
    Haven’t had that sculpture before though. Or that awesome giraffe painting in the alchemy room.

    Downside of fairies is the long life.


    • LOL, I did not know that about the furniture! I’ll have to check it out if/when Velma sculpts something fun like a toilet.
      I use Plum’s painting replacement mod, so that’s where the giraffe painting came from. And a bunch of the other cool ones Seaweed and Velma will be painting.
      The long life is a concern, that’s true. Genies also have a longer life span, though I do have a mod to reduce it to only 1.5 times the human life.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jenn’s attention span mirrors mine perfectly! Too funny. Wee, Alyssa looks good in pink! The kids aged up beautifully!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Velma is so pretty, I love that hair on her.
    I laughed so hard at my simself getting training! XD I do need a lot of help!
    The triplets grew up great. I may have to download them when they reach YA to use as as possible future spouses.


  6. I love Velma’s bedroom, and that’s saying something because I don’t like yellow.
    Almost synchronized triplets birthday, congrats haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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