6.09 – The Magic In Her

More updates! I’m alone in the house this Easter weekend, which means lots of simming time 😀

6.08.15 - triplet bday1
Previously, the triplets finally aged up to YA, and moved out. And the toddlers were adorable.

6.09.01 - magic upgrading
Story is still working on her spellcasting; she’s magically upgrading everything in the house – we even replaced a few appliances for more upgrading opportunities.

6.09.02 - Story rumors
Ah, the perils of being a celebrity. She definitely hasn’t done this, we’ll sue!

6.09.03 - teaching Frank
The grandparents help out with teaching the boys their skills.

6.09.04 - Ivory baby girl
Ivory has spread her genes; that baby will be gorgeous.

6.09.05 - Story won case
Story won her case, as we knew she would.

6.09.06 - invisible Jenn
She then went to the park to talk to an ant sim.

6.09.07 - Jenn
It’s Jenn!

6.09.08 - Roxie boyfriend
Roxie has another celebrity boyfriend.

6.09.09 - boys reading
The boys have finished all their skills, so a visit to the library is in order, for their books. Seaweed watches over carefully.

6.09.10 - Velma inventing
Velma is learning inventing through books; I so recently did the whole inventing thing with Fiyero, so don’t want to do it again right away.

6.09.11 - befriend Jenn
We’re working on Story’s wish to be best friends with Jenn, which has been in her panel since the wedding.

6.09.12 - toad Jenn
And we’ll work on Story’s spellcasting while she’s here. I find it strange that sims don’t have a negative social reaction to being toadified.

6.09.13 - girls dancing1
Both Story and Velma have celeb opportunities to dance at the Grind, so why not do it together?

6.09.13 - girls dancing2 6.09.13 - girls dancing3
The dancefloor got steadily more crowded as the night wore on.

6.09.14 - pose for photo
Opportunity completed, Story poses for a photo. Ah, celebrities. It’s not yet old, but I’m sure I’ll get there, like every other simmer has 🙂

6.09.15 - moar upgrading
Moar upgrading!

6.09.16 - L6 spells
Yay, level up… to L6. Man, this takes forever. But the good news is, Story can now charm herself instead of eating/showering/toileting.

6.09.17 - Flynn boyfriend
Flynn has a boyfriend!

6.09.18 - Riff Raff cute
Looks like someone was put in the baby jail…at least they also fed him. Cutie.

6.09.19 - forgot how to alchemy
Story forgot how to alchemy, lol. She has to skill while her magic power regenerates; and this way she can make elixirs to help herself.

6.09.20 - Roxie broke up
Aw, Roxie broke up with her boyfriend.

6.09.20 - Story bday
It’s Story’s birthday!

6.09.21 - Story MLC
And she has a mid-life crisis. Great.

6.09.22 - pregnant dancing
Huh, I guess Velma didn’t finish her dancing opportunity. So she’s back again tonight; heavily pregnant.

6.09.23 - Tom Wordy
And done. So she’s chatting up Tom Wordy, since he’s a 5-star celeb. And ripped!

6.09.24 - baby coming
Oops, guess it’s baby time.

6.09.25 - Flynn split up
Flynn also broke up with her boyfriend.

6.09.26 - Jess freakout
Lol, the ghosts freak out as well.

6.09.27 - baby girl
It’s a girl, yay! Her name is Magenta, she’s lucky and eccentric. She likes hot pink, dark wave, and potato & truffle torte. She’s pink-skinned here, but her icon was green, and as soon as Velma put her down she turned green. Sims be random.

6.09.28 - romantic selfie
And I realised Velma and Story need their romantic selfie for the wall.

6.09.29 plan outfit wish
Easy MLC wish, yay!

6.09.30 - hot pink nursery
And here’s Magenta’s new hot pink nursery. Yeah, the decorations on the wall are still from the triplets; so sue me, I was too lazy to change them.

6.09.31 - queue for baby
There’s a queue for the baby.

6.09.32 - distraction
Seaweed and Brillo soon find a distraction.

6.09.33 - Velma promotion
I haven’t been taking photos of every sculpture, but Velma is still working on her career; this is L7.

6.09.34 - Story promotion
Story also got a promotion! L4 for her, already.

6.09.35 - Billy promotion
And Billy is working his way up the criminal career.

6.09.36 - Kayla + Matthew
Kayla takes Roxie’s celeb leftovers.

6.09.37 - Story magic
Story magicks herself full. These charms are so helpful!

6.09.38 - Matilda Smart
More spells, this time on Matilda…something.

6.09.39 - Kayla boyfriend
It seems Kayla found love.

6.09.40 - Brillo arrested
Brillo got arrested! It’s only the second or third time, she’s a pretty good thief.

6.09.41 - belongings
LOL, wouldn’t want the other inmates to drink her Tragic Clown elixir.

6.09.42 - Billy twins
More grandbabies for Seaweed and Brillo! They may actually get that wish for 10 – guess it helps when you have five of your own.

6.09.43 - twins at table
The boys love Magenta’s play table. So cute!

6.09.44 - Kelly promotion
6.09.45 - Flynn promotion

Both Kelly and Flynn are working their way up their respective careers; Flynn may even make Scientist and help her mother’s wish come true.

6.09.46 - Seaweed dies1
Oh no, Seaweed 😦

6.09.46 - Seaweed dies2
Velma and Story are first on the scene. LOL at Velma’s face.

6.09.46 - Seaweed dies3 6.09.46 - Seaweed dies4 6.09.47 - death flower
…he had a death flower?! I completely forgot about that; we’ve been passing it down the heir line since Bruce first harvested it. And when I checked Velma’s inventory, she already has one…guess we got two somewhere along the line.

Instead of death, we have life – it’s the boys’ birthday.
6.09.48 - Frank bday1

6.09.48 - Frank bday2
Frank sparkles first; he rolled Schmoozer.

6.09.49 - RR bday1
Riff Raff goes next; he rolled Brooding. Man, he’s a moody teen already.

6.09.49 - RR bday2
And he aged up into this very appropriate outfit, so I let him keep it.

Makeovers; we can now see that the boys have the same eyes and mouth (Velma’s), but different noses:

6.09.50 - FrankC
Frank gets a ‘nice boy’ outfit, as befits his traits.

6.09.51 - Riff RaffC
I recoloured Riff Raff’s vest and tee combo in aqua. I love his hairdo!

6.09.52 - seesaw
The first thing they do is play on the seesaw together, aw.

6.09.53 - puke
One more baby for gen 7.

6.09.54 - Julia in love
Naw, Julia and her hubby are still in love.

6.09.55 - Riff Raff slide
Riff Raff loves the playground, he’s always on there.

6.09.56 - MLC car wish
Story’s first MLC wish.

6.09.57 - new car
Easy enough to fulfil. And I’m just now realising that I coloured the car spiceberry instead of purple *facepalm*

6.09.58 - Roxie pregnant
Roxie is pregnant again; I just wish she’d settle down with someone.

6.09.59 - pregnant
Pregnancy is confirmed!

6.09.60 - have a boy wish
Velma rolled up this the second she popped.

6.09.61 - apple
So we’ll help things along.

6.09.62 - celeb opp
Yes, we’re still working our way up the celebrity ladder, just coz.

6.09.63 - Rad break up
The simselves are no better than the Rourkes at holding onto a significant other.

6.09.64 - haunting curse1
Story is working on her magic; she can now cast the Haunting Curse.

6.09.64 - haunting curse2
As evidence by this bouncer and the meteor ghost behind him.

6.09.65 - Kayla RI
Apparently Kayla is a bi?

6.09.66 - Magenta bday1
Moar birthdays! This time, Magenta.

6.09.66 - Magenta bday2

6.09.67 - Magenta
She got Brillo’s hair, like Riff Raff, and Story’s eye shape. The gold colour continues; Yttrium brought that into the family.


And that’s enough for now; there will be more posts shortly!

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  1. Riff Raff is brilliant. Love him to pieces. He is just so cute. Love the hair.


  2. “Seaweed watches over carefully” Sleeping. >.> Lol.
    Awe, I’ll miss Seaweed…Oh wait, he’s not gone.
    Child Frank hits me as Bruce Wayne for whatever reason.
    Magenta is so cute, I’d bite her!


  3. Forgetting about the death flower – classic. I’ve done that so many times. They just sit there in the inventory. At least we’ll see a bit more of Seaweed this way!

    I’d be pissed if someone turned me into a toad, so yeah, it is weird actually. Definitely thought there would be a negative reaction.

    That’s a really nice view from the playground!

    Aaaaw lil’ Magenta! So cute.


    • You’re so right, unexpected deaths are so rare in this game, death flowers aren’t needed all that much. Though I was kind of ready for Seaweed to go, he’s done so much with his time, not much else I can do with him…though he is a good toddler trainer 😉

      I’ve seen negative reactions from some of the other curses, especially the pestilence one. But not toady, which is so random.


  4. Aww! I’m so glad some of the green skin made it into the genetics! Magenta really has quite a mix of genetics. I love her. Still think Riff Raff is my favourite twin but the boys are awesome too. I hope the last baby is another boy as well. XD Awesome chapter!


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