10.03 – Shades of Pink and Green

Post #3 for SimNaNo, and we’ve hit 200 pics, so this is Gold!
Previously, Rizzo checked out her three spouse options, and decided to keep all of them as baby daddies. She had the first three children, all girls.

And this is exactly why I haven’t made them go steady. When left to their own devices, they usually do friendly interactions, no romance. Unlike Freya and Friedrich, who are all over one another all the time.

With that in mind, I sent Rizzo off to meet Nathaniel at the pool.

The second they greet one another, she rolls up this wish. Seems she and I are thinking along the same lines.

Flirting, romantic selfies, and making out.

Meanwhile, half the Rourke spares have joined us at the pool. I swear they are stalking the active family, they always show up to whatever community lot we’re on. Today we have Eugene, Jan, Patricia and Beatriz.

All-in-one bathrooms are perfect for woohoo in public spaces. Even if the concept does gross me out.

More promotions for our girls. They’re fairly flying up the corporate ladder.

Friedrich is tonight’s victim of Envy’s Catch obsession. She’s gained about 4 athletic skill points, just from this.

Baby on the way!

Cherry tends to the babies we already have. He’s a surprisingly good father, I rarely have to direct Rizzo or Envy to take care of the kids, because he’s usually there.

Ana and Copperfield had a baby girl.

Uhm…what? How does this happen?

I checked, no robots are pregnant. And now they will not even think they can, plumbots have been neutered through SP.

Sick of the pregnancy shots yet? We have at least 4 more pregnancies to go, assuming we get a few more multiples.

Pregnancy cravings are easily catered for with synthesised food.

Oops, almost missed Freya’s birthday to elder. She also got an ITF makeover as well.

Freya and Friedrich now have 8 grandchildren. Three of them have Freya’s hair colour, no less.

Idiots trying pool tricks again.

Aw, no using the jetpack while pregnant. I was going to take advantage of the fact she can’t die.

Cherry takes Maria to the library to work on her TSAL. Only instead of using the car in his pocket (or a taxi) he chose to use the Zephyr and walk for 3 hours from the station to the library. He took so long that he had to go to work by the time they got there, so I had to send Envy to the library to supervise Maria.

Interesting, some of the books have the same appearance as the other ITF books.

More babies, Ana and Copperfield, wow. They’re almost keeping up with Rizzo.

I missed the shot of Rizzo maxing her Advanced Technology skill, and consequently completing her LTW. Damn skill based ones are so anticlimactic.

Birthday time, for all three of the kids! Maria completed her TSAL just in time; she rolled Supernatural Fan.

She gets a tomboy makeover – definitely has daddy’s jawline!

Anita is the first of the twins – she’s the brown one. She’s Insane and Family Oriented. She has Cherry’s red hair and blue eyes.

This is Rosalia – she’s the one in the pink. She’s a Heavy Sleeping Bookworm. Her face is exactly the same as Anita’s, but she has Freya’s white-tipped red hair and aqua eyes.

The grandparents get right onto the skilling; a bit too literally in Friedrich’s case, teaching Rosalia to talk in the snow. At least he put on her outerwear?

Anita is inside learning to potty.

Matching Pokemon onesies; Rosalia has Clefairy, Anita has Eevee.

New task: keep Maria from wasting her time working out when she can’t learn skill.

Get to know your father instead.

Playing catch is a good compromise; socialising while also athletic enough for Maria.

Twin girls again!

No more room for a fourth crib, so I exchanged one for two swings. Violet twin in Rizzo’s arm is Minnie, Seafoam twin on the floor is Graziella.

Maria spends the morning before school on the rocking horse.

Today is the boys’ turn for promotions.

I think Cherry has a favourite. Note that Anita is the first child he has wished to teach things.

So teach her he shall.

Maria’s first full moon; not sure if I mentioned all of Cherry’s daughters are werewolves? Nathaniel has one werewolf, one human. Both the boys are human.

Burton’s RI has a baby girl. That’s not going to get him out of providing genes for the active family.

Anita shows us that she’s a werewolf.

Then it’s back to learning to walk.

Rizzo’s new career uniform is this awesome catsuit; I recoloured it black and pink, but parts are uber shiny and look grey.

The twins play with their toys, accompanied by a laundry gnome.

Freya is now at L9, and Rizzo has topped the Astronomer Space Explorer career!

She can now explore Simulon V! Stardust is worth about $1500 a pop, and Dark Matter $4500. Very lucrative – not that we need the money.

Rosalia being cute in the toybox.

Freya is very serious while she (autonomously) plays the laser thing.

Since she can’t work on athletic skill as a child, I put Maria to work painting.

Rizzo maxed her athletic skill, which she’s been working on since it became a requirement for her job.

Birthday time for the youngest!

This is Minnie, she’s an Easily Impressed Daredevil. She likes Violet, Tofu Dogs and Egyptian music. Rizzo’s black hair, Nathaniel’s blue skin, random green eyes.

Graziella is a Grumpy Loner who likes Sea Foam, Cookies and Roots.  She has Friedrich’s pink hair, Freya’s aqua eyes and Nathaniel’s blue skin. Loving the colour combos we have thus far!

Since it’s a full moon and they’re not going to sleep well in werewolf form, Rizzo and Freya are tasked with teaching the girls. Don’t ask me what they’re wearing, the game gave them weird outfits.

It seems Rizzo has finally discovered she has children; all her wishes are for the girls.

She’s also maxed out charisma, thanks to tabcasts.

Keni gives gen 9 another granddaughter.

Minnie being cute. And someone has scratched up that dresser, damn werewolves.

The house now has 10 sims, so I was going to wait a while before the next pregnancy… but Rizzo wished to kiss Nathaniel. So okay then. He initiated the flowers, so obviously he’s on board.

TSAL for the older twins. I’ll probably forget it later, when we have tons more kids running around, but for now it’s another thing for the toddlers to do.

No Grazi, no scratching!

Maria is enjoying life as a child; I’m not pushing her to skill too much, because I know her Athletic trait will kill the skill when she’s a teen.

Freya has now topped out the Physicist branch of the Astronomer career.

Two more birthdays to round out the chapter, Anita first.

She rolled Loves to Swim, so I gave her a beachy look.

Rosalia in her PJs.

She rolled Good. Combined with her Bookworm trait, she’s going to be a boring, goody-goody child. Good thing we have so many other kids to keep us entertained.


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I love sports, reading and computer games. Bit of a paradox, I guess. Also a loner, always find it easier to communicate online than face to face.

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  1. I love Maria! It’s annoying that sim kids can’t skill athletic; makes no sense lol

    That’s a lot of werewolves 😮

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anita is so cute, I love her little outfit as a toddler ❤
    I have to say, taking spouses from other lg=egacies has given you awesome kids and heirs all challenge long. Great thinking!


    • That was exactly the point, to see how beautiful we could get the kids. It has led to some legacies being cut off (eg Gordons) because other people are now using the spouses! But I’m pleased with the legacies that have been used.

      Liked by 1 person

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