5.06 – Two Parties and a Funeral

5.05.84 - feel tummyPreviously, Brillo Pad Daye was revealed as the winner of the spouse poll. Seaweed quickly went about removing his other four romantic interests, then he asked Brillo to be his girlfriend then fiancee. And before long, she was pregnant!

These pictures were taken a while ago, I’ve been doing jury duty for the past three weeks, then having to do some work at night, so haven’t had much time for simming/blogging. Hopefully we should be done this week, so I can finish writing up the rest of the chapters; still got photos for at least two more, possibly three.

5.06.01 - wedding thoughts
Seaweed and Brillo are both thinking along the same lines, they’re more and more perfect for one another every day.

5.06.02 - very pregnant
But that will wait until Brillo pops; she’s so big now!

5.06.03 - love elders
These two are still in love also.

5.06.04 - new garden
After some hot tub woohoo, they share the gardening duties. Even though it’s no longer required, and we have enough produce for new meals through gen 10, I like having the garden there.

5.06.05 - BP labour1
Perfect timing, Brillo – Rad is a doctor!

5.06.05 BP labour2
Apparently one who has never seen a woman in labour…

5.06.06 - new nursery
Doesn’t matter, we still haven’t unlocked hospital births, so Brillo goes home to the newly-decorated nursery. It looks very bright in these pictures, not so bad in game.

5.06.07 - baby girl
It’s a girl! So our heirs will continue to switch genders each generation.

5.06.08 - Velma's stats
This generation’s musical is Chicago, and our heir’s name is Velma (oops, and her surname is Daye, since Brillo and Seaweed aren’t married yet). She’s insane and loves the heat, likes yellow, hip hop and mushroom omelette. This will be fun, none of the heirs have liked yellow as yet.

5.06.09 - Cosette meeting Velma1 5.06.09 - Cosette meeting Velma2
Cosette is the first one to her; she loves the babies.

5.06.10 - bachelorette party
Since sims magically slim down the second they give birth, makes sense to have a bachelorette party the same night Velma is born.

5.06.11 - party starts
Brillo hasn’t even changed out of her maternity outfit when the party starts; the guests are mostly simselves and Seaweed’s sisters.

5.06.12 - party dancer
And the party dancer; his name is Jack Hammer. Lol, EA.

Party spam:
5.06.13 - party1 5.06.13 - party2 5.06.13 - party3 5.06.13 - party4 5.06.13 - party5

5.06.13 - party6 5.06.13 - party7 5.06.13 - party8 5.06.13 - party9
Cosette gave Brillo’s speech, and then soaked her with champagne.

5.06.13 - party10
Brillo promptly turned around and sprayed Sabrina.

5.06.13 - party11
Some of the guests made their way around the house; Julia and Charlotte talked in Cosette and Flamingo’s room.

5.06.13 - party12
While Sammy found the dartboard.

5.06.13 - party13
I changed her hair, and dyed it again, since I know she changes its colour often.

5.06.14 - party poopers
Neither of these two like to dance; they ignored the call, no matter how many times Brillo asked them.

5.06.15 - yellow nursery
Here’s Velma’s new yellow-fied nursery. It’s still bright, but I like it.

5.06.15 - vampire gnome
Also, we have a vampire gnome! My first one ever. I’ve stopped naming them, there are too many.

5.06.16 - morning after
The morning after the party, Brillo returns to the bookworm we know she is.

5.06.17 - glitchy baby1
And Velma started glitching; Cosette is putting her in the crib.

5.06.17 - glitchy baby2
But she resets to outside (you can just see the pink cocoon behind the crib).

5.06.17 - swing for baby
Buying a new crib didn’t help, so we had to buy a swing.

5.06.18 - Brillo bday
And, to prove how close we came, Brillo has her adult birthday the day after Velma is born. No midlife crisis, despite her being unemployed – guess it helps that she didn’t get married and have kids right after getting to YA.

5.06.19 - Flamingo death1
5.06.19 - Flamingo death2
Oh no, Flamingo! And just before the wedding, too 😦

5.06.19 - Flamingo death3
Jess was out visiting, she was the first witness. Even if she did boo him initially.

5.06.19 - Flamingo death4 5.06.19 - Flamingo death5
Cosette came running over, and was devastated, as expected.

5.06.20 - resurrect Flamingo wish
Before Grim had even left, Cosette rolled this wish. Not happening, sweetheart. Your age bar is maxed also, you’ll be following him before long.

5.06.21 - Flamingo and Grim
5.06.22 - mourning Flamingo
Flamingo greeted Grim with a handshake; he fulfilled his LTW, maxed the fishing career and raised three beautiful children; he had a great life.

5.06.23 - Seaweed + Velma1 5.06.23 - Seaweed + Velma2
Seaweed tries to stave off the mourning with his baby daughter.

5.06.23 - Seaweed + Velma3
Cosette has the same idea.

5.06.24 - Flamingo grave
The new grave is added to the family plot; since I couldn’t find a small fish decoration, he gets a mermaid as his token. Though as I’m writing this, I realise a fishbowl would be more fitting, will have to change that later.

5.06.25 - Maybelle pregnant
Maybelle obviously takes her comfort in her girlfriend (they’re not married either, despite three children together).

5.06.26 - Seaweed moruning
Not much time for mourning, the wedding is planned for the next day. But Seaweed has a good cry while setting up.

5.06.27 - wedding setup1
Not too many flowers, Brillo ain’t much of a flowery girl, but we have lots of greenery.

5.06.27 - wedding setup2
And a buffet table, since I rarely use them and Seaweed wished for one.

5.06.28 - Sean first guest
Sean is the first guest to figure out how to door. Nice face, Sean!

5.06.29 - guests1
We invited all the potentials; they’re all still friends with both Seaweed and Cosette, and Leliana is friends with Brillo. Penny suffers from perma-werewolf-ism; most of the townie werewolves also suffer.

5.06.29 - guests2
Giles chose to walk through the wedding arch to get to his seat.

5.06.30 - guests find seats
So impressed with how many found seats!

5.06.31 - Rham photobomb
Okay, time for th-Rham! Geez man, couldn’t you find a better spot?

Vows spam:
5.06.32 - vows1 5.06.32 - vows2 5.06.32 - vows3

5.06.33 - Cosette far watch
Cosette watched from far away, unable to take part in festivities so soon after the loss of her beloved Flamingo. 😦

5.06.34 - cake cutting1 5.06.34 - cake cutting2 5.06.34 - cake cutting3
Also impressed with how many guests made it to the cake before it was cut! These guests are smart 😀

5.06.35 - stuck throwing rice
Not all of them, however. Eventually had to reset these two.

5.06.36 - Sean the cake bandit
Sean, the cake bandit, is first to grab a slice after the newlyweds.

5.06.37 - eating cake
But most got it eventually.

5.06.38 - Penny scratching chair
Get out of it, Penny!

5.06.39 - dancing guests1 5.06.39 - dancing guests2
Dancing guests!

5.06.40 - Velma bday
And to round out these very busy few days, it’s Velma’s birthday! Yes, the same day as the wedding; some of the guests are still around.

5.06.41 - Velma adorable
She’s adorable! Seaweed’s hair and skin, Brillo’s eye colour and huge eye shape that has been passed all the way down from Phoenix. Yellow and Spiceberry go very nicely together, so that’s what I went with.

Thanks for reading; until next time!

I have also updated the Downloads page, if you would like to grab Seaweed or one of the other Rourkes, you are welcome to do so – they are all confirmed 100% CC free, but if you want to match with the ones in my game, just ask about my CC.

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  1. Wow I love Velma. What a neat mix between parents! I love that she got the freckles. I wonder how many generations they will be around for.

    I’ve never had to do jury duty before. I keep wondering if one day I’m going to get notification that I have to go but I really hope not. Were you nervous doing it?

    Brillo’s dress was beautiful for the wedding and I did have to laugh how Rham bombed the first photo. There is always one sim at a party.


    • I’m hoping she has some of Brillo’s facial structure, see a lot of Seaweed in her at the moment. We haven’t had any heir clones, hopefully she isn’t the first.
      I was nervous at the beginning, but now pretty chilled. Good group of people to hang around with all day. Though it will be difficult to make a decision on the verdict, it’s someone’s life you’re messing with.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Velma is really cute, is she going to be the heir? Is Brillo far from mastering her career (it is lvl 10 of the criminal career that unlocks having more kids, right?)


  3. Velma is cute. I love the hair and her outfit.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Velma is so cute. I love the freckles. Nice mix of both parents
    I had to laugh at my simself choosing not to dance, that is so me! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Poor Cosette! So heartbroken. Couldn’t even watch the wedding with the other guests, aw. 😦

    The wedding looked really nice, and the guests were indeed unusually smart. Someone always gets stuck cheering though.

    Velma is super cute! Really nice mix.


  6. Brillo’s maternity clothes are so nice, even if high heels might not be the best idea while pregnant?
    Nice wedding setup, I must say!
    Brillo’s wedding dress too. I guess you could say I’m all over her. XD
    And lastly…


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