6.12 – Romance in the Air

6.11.45 - bday fire4
Previously, Velma completed her LTW, and all four children had birthdays. At the birthday party of Magenta, Frank and Riff Raff, Brillo Pad died and a gigantic fire threatened to turn the party guests crispy.

Hi all, apologies for the month-long wait, I’ve not had much time to play recently, and even less time to write everything up. But now I have 3 chapters ready, and then it’s heir poll time (finally). Velma’s generation has been the longest yet! Though part of that is the slightly shorter chapters (80 pics versus 100), these guys have also been much more interesting than the first few generations, thus more pics.

6.12.01 - Rocky xylo
Rocky bein’ cute with his xylo.

6.12.02 - Change on Magenta's bed
I’m really liking the hot pink and spice brown bedroom, so Rocky and Magenta will continue to share. Chance stole Magenta’s new big girl bed the second I placed it.

6.12.03 - ask gender pref
Story asks Riff Raff his gender preference.

6.12.04 - Riff Raff straight

6.12.05 - cheer up Story1
He then tries to cheer up his mother.

6.12.05 - cheer up Story2
She’s not having any of it.

6.12.06 - cry on shoulder
So he cries on her shoulder instead.

6.12.07 - Seaweed heartbroken
Poor Seaweed has taken to talking to his magic mirror about his heartbreak.

6.12.08 - learn to drive
Riff Raff asked Story to teach him to drive…then took off on the broom by himself. You can see his skillbar here; he’s learning even though he’s alone. Gotta love glitches.

6.12.09 - Frank learn to drive
Frank, on the other hand, went the traditional route of learning. With a jelly-bean-ified Seaweed teaching.

6.12.10 - Story promotion
Story got a promotion; this is level 6. Getting closer to computers!

6.12.11 - play table
The littlest kids play together at the activity table.

6.12.12 - Flynn baby boy
Flynn gives Seaweed his 10th grandchild. Guess it’s easy when you have 5 children of your own.

6.12.13 - simself hookup
Simselves hook up!

6.12.14 - Magenta invents
Since she’s Eccentric, Magenta’s skill will be Inventing. I have no doubt she will be able to max this out in no time.

6.12.15 - Rocky walking
Seaweed helps out with Rocky’s skilling. So helpful having grandparents around!

6.12.16 - RR wishes
Wishing to be best friends with both of your parents? Way to fail at being a brooding rebellious teenager, Riff Raff.

6.12.17 - metal man
New metal man!

6.12.18 - Master Sculptor 6.12.19 - Prolific Sculptor
And with the completion of this sculpture, Velma completes two sculpting challenges! These are for completing 5 of each type of material and also 35 total sculptures.

6.12.20 - Free Bagel Fridays
I’m loving the chance cards that come with the Business career, so much fun.

6.12.21 - Roxie + Jupiter
Roxie is making nice with Jupiter, who I had earmarked for Kelly, but whatever.

6.12.21 - Flynn steady
Flynn is also finding love, yay!

6.12.22 - Frank + Seaweed chess
Still working on his logic skill, Frank is rotating between all the skilling objects.

6.12.23 - Magenta in tub1 6.12.23 - Magenta in tub2
Magenta is adorable, playing in the tub.

6.12.24 - toad1
Finally up to the correct level in her spellcasting, Story can begin working on her LTW. First, we turn the guy into a frog.

6.12.24 - toad2
Then administer the Sunlight Charm!

6.12.25 - Story LTW
1 down!

6.12.26 - Flynn engaged
Flynn is the first of Velma’s siblings to get engaged.

6.12.27 - Frank skipped school1

6.12.27 - Frank skipped school2
Frank goes to Business school, it doesn’t start until 10am, and it’s only 9:30. He’s not skipping school! Stupid game.

6.12.28 - Velma award1 6.12.28 - Velma award2
Velma has been sculpting up a storm, and surpassed $25k from her sculpting. So she got a medal. Unfortunately, there was no ceremony outside the hall, so I didn’t bother to take any pictures.

6.12.29 - Velma ice sculpting
So now she’s working on ice, trying for unmeltable ice sculptures.

6.12.30 - singing with Magenta
Though we still have time for playing with the kids.

6.12.31 - Story promotion
Two promotions in one update, go Story!

6.12.32 - Jill Slayer-Bloom
This lovely lady with the very prominent cheekbones is Jill Slayer-Bloom.

6.12.33 - befriending Jill
Riff Raff befriends her in the usual way for this generation.

6.12.34 - ask to prom
Then he asks her to prom.

6.12.35 - says yes
She said yes!

6.12.36 - watch stars
He then wanted to watch the stars with her.

6.12.38 - HOTM kiss1
And kiss her.

6.12.38 - HOTM kiss2

6.12.39 - Seaweed magic
Seaweed is not immune to Story’s magic.

6.12.40 - LTW progression
She’s making progress on her LTW.

6.12.41 - Brillo visits
Hai Brillo!

6.12.42 - Brillweed kiss
Seaweed is very happy to see his wife again.

6.12.43 - Roxie steady 6.12.44 - Flynn married
Roxie and Flynn are progressing with their love lives.

6.12.45 - Jeanne Xu1
This is Jeanne Xu, another option for Frank’s love life. Cheri Serzo is my first choice, but she’s not co-operating.

6.12.45 - Jeanne Xu2
Jeanne is pretty cute, and Frank seems to like her.

6.12.46 - friends
Instant friends 😀

6.12.47 - family oriented
They’re both family oriented!

6.12.48 - compatible signs
And they have compatible signs.

6.12.49 - no prom
However, Frank is unable to ask her to the prom, so we’ll have to see how things go.

6.12.50 - Rocky bday1
While Frank is outside, we have a little family gathering inside – it’s Rocky’s birthday! Story is really excited to be free of diapers.

6.12.50 - Rocky bday2 6.12.50 - Rocky bday3
He rolled Diva for his child trait.

6.12.51 - RockyC
And he’s so cute! Story’s eyes and mouth, everything else is Velma’s.

6.12.52 - prom
That same night is also prom! Not sure how Jeanne ended up in the limo, she’s definitely not Frank’s date. Maybe because she was at the house when prom time came?

6.12.53 - Jill not in limo
Jill was a date, but did not end up in the limo.

6.12.54 - RR prom2 6.12.54 - RR prom3 6.12.54 - RR prom4 6.12.54 - RR prom5 6.12.54 - RR prom1
And yet she was apparently at prom…even as I watched her eating food and bumming around the legacy house. Ah, game be fun sometimes. (Seriously, I got zero popups for Riff Raff that were not about Jill. Boy really likes her)

6.12.55 - Frank prom1 6.12.55 - Frank prom2 6.12.55 - Frank prom3 6.12.55 - Frank prom5
Having no date, Frank’s prom was somewhat less successful…but he did beat his brother out for Prom King.

6.12.55 - Frank prom4 6.12.56 - Wade
He also got himself a romantic interest. I haven’t checked his gender preference, but I’m guessing gay or bi, since his new RI is a male.

6.12.57 - Velma dance1 6.12.57 - Velma dance2 6.12.57 - Velma dance3
While her kids are having fun at prom, Velma dances for celebrity points. I love the club dance animations.

6.12.58 - Roxie engaged
One last popup before I end the chapter; Roxie is engaged!


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  1. Rocky is cute. And Jill looks great. I bet she and Riff Raff would have some cute babies.
    The metal man sculpture looks cool.


  2. My favorite is between Riff Raff and Frank, we’ll have to see.
    I really got to try this sculptor thing and decorate the house with this.


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